Cats and Dogs and People Too!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

All living beings enjoy being massaged. If you have pets, give them a few minutes of your time providing some loving, soothing touch. You don't need to be an expert at this! You can start by gently massaging your pet's ears, if he is fine with being touched there. Simply continue on by massaging the chests, front legs and paws, if your pet doesn't mind having her paws touched. Move onto each side of the rib cage, the belly, the hind quarter and back legs. And don't forget the tail as that is an extension of the spine. You can also gently massage your pet's muzzle. Your pets will love you!

What can RESTORATIVE MASSAGE in KELOWNA offer humans? Relief from pain, anxiety, grief issues. MASSAGE helps to lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce hormonal stress, provides RELAXATION, increased joint mobility and flexibility, can improve your skin tone, and also assists in the recovery of soft tissue damage due to injuries.

RESTORATIVE MASSAGE in KELOWNA provides Swedish Massage along with Myofascial Release Work which is key in assisting your muscles and joints to work together more effectively.

RESTORATIVE MASSAGE in KELOWNA also has the added benefit of offering BEMER VASCULAR THERAPY, a Class 2 Medical Device developed in Europe that greatly assists in injury recovery.

Training in various modalities such as TELLINGTON TOUCH, FELDENKRAIS WORK, ORTHOBIONOMY, REIKI, THERAPEUTIC TOUCH and REFLEXOLOGY provides clients, just like you, a broader opportunity for successful outcomes.

CALL 250-862-3929 (LANDLINE) to discover how RESTORATIVE MASSAGE in KELOWNA can provide you with a massage that is not only extremely well priced, but will have you become a returning client.

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