Massage for grief, loss, trauma

You might think that Massage is reserved for Relaxation Massage or for specific treatment of injuries. And, although that might be why most people see a massage specialist, massage is also a phenomenal tool for assisting people dealing with Grief, Loss and/or Trauma.

Over the past 21 years I have worked not only with clients requiring Relaxation Massage or Injury Specific Massage Treatments, but with clients who have experienced sexual assault and/or incest. These clients needed to experience Safe Touch in their lives and so they chose to work with Restorative Massage. Within the scope of dealing with such Trauma, is the issue of Loss.

Losses are not just about not finding something you misplaced; Losses can be about anything that a person feels or believes he or she can never get back. The Loss of a person...or the Loss of one's identity, which can happen when trauma, of any kind, has occurred.

We mourn, and we grieve our losses and that is because our losses - and more importantly, how we perceive those losses - heavily impacts our mental, physical and emotional well being. We struggle to make sense of our world when dealing with any kind of trauma and sometimes we just need to find a 'system' that can help us to slowly become whole again. We want to find ways to Restore ourselves back to health. This is where Restorative Massage comes in.

The reason I called my business Restorative Massage is due to the fact that Massage Restores us. It calms us. It brings us a sense of peace. It helps to balance us out and gives us much deserved down time. To Restore is to create a state of homeostasis.

From head to toe, Restorative Massage assists people, just like you, to become better balanced, healthier, more mobile and more complete.

Please contact Restorative Massage at 250-862-3929 (landline) to book your session. Confidentiality is assured.

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