Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Regardless of where your beliefs lie, end of life massage care, or PALLIATIVE CARE MASSAGE, brings comfort to those who need it most. RESTORATIVE MASSAGE in KELOWNA believes in bringing compassionate touch to individuals who are nearing death or who may be in the process of transitioning. As a past Hospice Volunteer, I have seen the loneliness that some Palliative Care Clients experience. Not all Palliative Care Clients receive a lot of family or friends at their bedside and often times that is because people do not know 'how to do death' in our North American Society. From touch to sound (singing, playing a musical instrument for the client), much needed compassionate care can be provided to the person in Palliative Care.

RESTORATIVE MASSAGE IN KELOWNA can provide mobile Palliative Care Massage. Please call my LAND LINE at 250-862-3929 for more information.

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